FileTrail Records Management

FileTrail Records Management/File Tracking Solution

FileTrail leverages RFID technology to help organisation save time and money, and also achieve a quick Return on Investment (ROI) by:

1. Use RFID to track files without requiring user participation or intervention.
2. Finding misplaced files quickly with portable RFID.
3. Ending manual searches for files enterprise wide.
4. Allows search and request from any desktop via the Intranet or Internet
5. Automating label printing and creation of new files
6. Automating archiving and retrieval from storage
7. Documenting chain of custody of each file

FileTrail eliminates the choas of handling paper-based records. Our solutions automate tasks and streamline processes that are being done manually every day.  The results are less time wasted searching for files or documents, office-wide access to information about your files, and lower levels of stress frustration around the office. FileTrail saves time that is better spent on higher-purposed work.